Returns Policy

Delta 9 Pak is #1 in customer service, and to maintain this standard for returned items, as dictated by our credit department, accounting standards and the manufacturers.

Delta 9 Pak is dedicated to shipping your order quickly and accurately and has subsequently adopted a “triple- check” shipping system. This system ensures that all orders are correct and independently verified three times. We do this to protect our customers and to ensure that all orders are as perfect as possible.


As part of our terms and conditions, you hereby agree to notify Delta 9 Pak in writing (via email) of any shipment shortages or invoices overcharges (incorrect prices, incorrect items, etc) that you wish to be credited for within two business days of receiving the merchandise. After this verification period has passed, any notice of shortage or overcharge will be approved or denied at the sole discretion of Delta 9 Pak.


1) We cannot accept returns of used merchandise or any partial boxes of merchandise. All credits will be issued once merchandise is returned and is verified in good selling condition. All returns must be completely full boxes, including all of the original packing materials. We are not able to issue “partial box credits”. Any returned “partial boxes” will not be credited.

2) All products must be returned within one month of the date of invoice.

3) Item credits will be given at the original sale price of the current sale price, whichever is lower at the time of the return.

4) Quantity discounts may be lost. Discounts provided by Delta 9 Pak may be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of Delta 9 Pak. Delta 9 Pak reserves the right to cancel any quantity discounts and may modify the discounted bill so that it reflects the full purchase price for items on the invoice that are not returned. (We reserve the right to cancel any quantity discounts and re-bill based on the actual volume kept.)

5) All returns must be pre-authorized. In order for Delta 9 Pak to accept a return, the shipment must be accompanied by a “Return Authorization” number. Please email to get return authorization before sending back any goods. Unauthorized returns will be rejected.

*All prices are subject to change without notice.