Glass Containers

Let’s see it! Looking for a see-through, glass containers or glass jars for your medical cannabis edibles? Delta9Pak has you covered with concentrate packaging that will suit you and or your clients perfectly.

Delta9Pak has the best containment solutions in the industry. You will see how clever and easy these containers are for your medical cannabis needs. The screw-off caps come in clear or black, creating an airtight seal to seal in freshness while showing off the contents within. Treat the senses while keeping your stash fresh. The high quality and durability of these glass jars are perfect for packaging edibles like cookies, gummies, and more!

Glass Containers are a great pick for dispensaries, giving a great place to store edibles while still showcasing their beautiful color or shape. Easily stackable, you can fill up a whole drawer or shelf with these Glass Containers without worry.